DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

42 - Enter Stage Maethelburg, Ms. Levee O. Sah

Oh the Manticores!

After returning to Maethelburg, the party learned that Tomlin is wanted by the Maethelburg authorities. The reason is still unknown.

The female elf Levee O. Sah joined the party. Her home was destroyed by Zeraptus and she hopes to develop her magic skills and one day make Zeraptus pay.
The party proceeded to the Lonely Tower and used the totem amulets from Druid Berrymoore to get past the Owlbears.

The ominous Lonely Tower was a small keep that has started to crumble due to the passage of time. Its four towers at the corners of the keep were in great disrepair; at least the portions visible above ground appeared to be falling apart. There was a large pit at the center of the keep that radiated strong magic. The party kept a safe distance, even though they did not know what a safe distance might be.

The party entered the southwest tower. They descended because going up was not an option in any of the towers.

They came upon a room with two piles of rubble. Two Manticores suddenly appeared atop the piles of rubble and started slinging their tail spikes. Dez snuck by the two Manticores with a modified hide roll of 33. Amazones moved (Tumble check modified 20) around behind the Manticores to get into a flanking position. Threll fired his bow, Ryder chopped with her Urgrosh, Ka swung his Greataxe, Levee cast Magic Missile, and Brell used Flaming Sphere. The Flaming Sphere burned off some of the tail spikes of the second Manticore before going into the Manticore nest. Ka still managed to find 30 Manticore tail spikes along with a ruined potion and a scroll, as well as a suit of +1 Chainmail.

There was also a strange metal key that sort of looked like a flattened spoon. The party found one of these in each of the four towers. The key in this tower was guarded by the Manticores.

The party proceeded down a long tunnel. They opened the door at the end of the tunnel to find a large boulder rolling toward them, just like Indiana Jones. Dez and Amazones dove out of the way. Ryder almost dodged (Reflex save 13) and Brell cast Gust of Wind to try to slow the boulder. It turned out that the boulder was an illusion.
The eventually the party came upon a big fancy door. They came upon four big fancy doors over the next several adventures; one in each tower.



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