DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

44 - Like Real Wizard's Chess Only It Hurts More

I Sure Hope You Are Not Allergic to Bugbears

The third tower continuing in a clock-wise direction found the party pacing through a Wizard’s Wall. A Wizard’s Wall is a wall of force that is most easily passed through at a run, just like Platform 9 and 3/4 in Harry Potter. Ka went through first by himself. Immediately upon passing through the wall Gnolls appeared and attacked. Ka was doing OK, but Levee went through and found herself engaged by two Gnolls. She was down to just a few hit points, but still managed to kill a Gnoll with a Magic Missile spell. Most of the party ran through the wall as a group. The Gnolls had apparently been summoned by magic that was triggered by the characters passing through the Wizard’s Wall.

The characters proceeded. They came to the end of a hallway with 5 alcoves. Levee, Brell, Ryder, and Threll entered four of the alcoves. All four alcoves shifted at once and the characters were deposited in a 40-foot by 40-foot room with 5-foot squares of various colors; gray, blue, green, and yellow, while the squares that the characters found themselves on glowed white. There was a statue of a tall man at the other end of the room. The statue was wearing a crown. His left hand was on the hilt of a longsword, and his right arm was outstretched, palm facing down. Threll moved first, diagonally and got shocked. Ryder moved one square and did not get hurt. Brell moved two squares and got zapped. Levee moved one square and got zapped. Then the party figured out that in order to move safely across the room they had to move in a pattern consistent with how chess pieces could move for the squares that they started on; Threll as a knight, Ryder as a king, Brell as a Bishop, and Levee as a knight. Threll went back through the alcove and returned with the remaining five characters Amazones, Belramos, Ka, and Dez.

After everyone made it through, Dez searched the statue and found a secret compartment, but the party could not figure out how to get it open, until they decided to turn the hand so that the palm was facing up. The secret compartment opened to reveal the third flat metal key.

The party continued to the last tower to the southeast. They came to a room where monsters appeared spontaneously including at least a Giant Spider, a Giant Spitting Snake, a Giant Lizard, and a Hell Hound. Threll scored his first critical hit against an enemy which happened to be the Giant Spitting Snake doing 32 points of damage. Threll got webbed by the Giant Spider and could not get out for a round or two. Ka was bitten and poisoned by that Giant Spider. Dez hid and moved around to flank and scored a Sneak Attack for 29 points of damage. Ryder scored a critical hit doing 31 points of damage. Brell and Levee cast Magic Missile spells.

After recovering from that fight, the party proceeded to a large room with what appeared to be 16 statues of Bugbears and a large sarcophagus at the north end. Dez entered the room which apparently triggered several of the Bugbears to be released from their suspended animation. Ka entered the room as well to help Dez, which triggered more Bugbears to come out of animation. After a few rounds of fighting Dez was able to kill a couple of Bugbears and retreat to the hallway which triggered more of the Bugbears to be released from their suspended animation. Amazones and Belramos stayed in the hallway to assist just in case anyone fell or needed help. Ryder held the front line at the entrance of the room while Levee put a Grease slick just in front of Ryder to throw the advancing Bugbears off balance. Brell used a Fireball which killed several Bugbears and made Ryder think that the roof might collapse. Then Brell used Sleet Storm to cover most of the room with ice which slowed the approach of the Bugbears as Ryder kept chopping and Threll kept shooting arrows at any Bugbears he could see. Levee killed at least one Bugbear with Magic Missile. It was one of the longest fights that the party has engaged in; Ka’s Rage almost ended before the fight was over. And Threll fumbled (rolled a natural 1) and broke his bow.

They used Amazones’s crowbar to open the coffin to find the fourth metal key and some treasure.



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