DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

46 - Fire Giant Ghun, Nasty Killer Fish, and a Shocking Round Room

"GH" can make an "F" sound, you know, as in 'Ghost'.

The party realized they were are not able to rest in this tower dimension and decided to press on quickly instead of thoroughly exploring the entire complex. They found stairs leading up to another level.

The party immediately realized that the next level was the Fire Level. A quick reconnoiter let the party know that there was a Fire Giant at the other end of the room and that there was no direct route to get to the Fire Giant. Belramos used Endure Elements on many of the characters. Brell entered first and used Ice Storm to both injure (39 points of damage due to the monster’s vulnerability to cold) and blind the Fire Giant. Not even one boulder hit any of the characters although a couple landed in the lava. Brell’s Spells have proven to be quite useful in both damaging opponents and protecting the party. Ka and Amazones moved first to quickly get around the lava to engage the Fire Giant. Ryder, Dez, and Threll moved around the lava as well, but more slowly. Levee used Magic Missile to injure the Fire Giant (6 points of damage) and Brell used Ice Storm again. As Ka got to the center of the room surprisingly he fell up in what turned out to be a reverse gravity field. Ka did manage to catch himself before falling through the hole in the ceiling and fell back on the floor after crawling on the ceiling to get out of the reverse gravity field. Amazones advanced and took a beating from the Fire Giant, despite her best defensive armor class of 31. As Amazones retreated Dez and Ka advanced to flanking positions when Levee and Brell both blasted the Fire Giant with Magic Missiles (for 9 and 23 points of damage) killing it. Loot from the Fire Giant included a ring of Feather Falling that Levee now wears and a bejeweled crown.

The Water Level was tricky to negotiate. Amazones was dangled on a rope up through the hole in the ceiling due to the reverse gravity field. She saw mostly water below and a small island when a couple of the nasty fish jumped up out of the water and bite her. Using the ring of Feather Falling and rope with the party’s help, in particular Ka and Ryder, Brell managed to land close to the island, get on land, and use Ice Storm to kill most of the nasty killer fish. The party used the Fire Giant’s corpse to secure the end of the rope in the Fire Level and let everyone safely go up through hole and get to the island on the Water Level.
Threll took point in going from the island across the reef to the metal thing sticking out of the water to the south. Threll swam down, opened the hatch and crawled through to find gravity reverse again.

This new level was the final stage. Threll went back to inform the party. Ryder and Ka went through first into a round room that was divided into 8 pie sections with a gem floating off of the floor in the center of the room. Ryder got shocked by what appeared to be electricity, but made a successful saving throw and suffered no significant damage. As Brell and Dez entered, Ka got shocked and also made a successful saving throw. Levee, Belramos, Amazones, and Threll followed into the room in that order. Dez got shocked and failed her saving throw; she collapsed, lifeless. Ryder grabbed for the gem and found that it was protected by some sort of force field, so she hit it with her axe doing 13 points of damage. The field did not come down and Ryder took 13 points of damage. Ka Raged and made a successful Leap Attack against the gem doing 39 points of damage. Ka also took 39 points of damage, but it was enough to destroy the force field. Now that the field was down the party members were able to grab the stone, which teleported them away. The next round the stone kept reappearing as each character grabbed it. Belramos tried to heal Dez, but she was beyond his healing power. Ka grabbed Dez and grabbed the stone, but ended up teleporting away without Dez. Belramos and Threll picked up Dez’s body and threw it onto the teleportation gem. Dez’s body was teleported away. The remaining characters grabbed the gem and teleported away in turn.

The shock in the round room had stopped Dez’s heart, but in transit to the other extra dimensional space, Dez used her “Luck Coin” to reroll her saving throw vs Death. Dez succeeded on her second save and appeared on the other side with her life, but barely conscious.



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