DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

47 - The Arrival

Pick a Card, Any Card

The party was teleported at the end of the last session to an unknown place. Each party member arrived with a stone in their hands, even Dez. The place where they arrived appeared to be another dimension. A Magic Mouth (as identified by an Arcane Knowledge check from Brell) welcomed the party. There were only several directions that the party could go, so they explored.

The party seemed to have discovered a tattoo parlor. The tattoo artist offered to ink a square pattern in the shape of the key that the party used to enter the tower. Each person who gave the artist their teleportation stone received the tattoo; Ka on his chest, Dez on the underside of her right forearm, Levee on her left hand, Ryder on the upper part of her left arm, Brell on the underside of his left forearm, and Belramos on his right calf. Amazones and Threll choose to keep their teleportation stones and not receive tattoos and apparently had to make sure to enter the portal with a person who had the tattoo.

The party found ‘the merchant’ who appeared to be willing to buy most of the party’s items as well as sell whatever items he had available. The party sold items to the merchant for gold including the Fire Giant’s larger than human sized Greatsword (180 gold) and the medusa head (2000 gold). The party also purchased a Necklace of Fireballs (for 3250 gold) and a scroll of Freedom of Movement (for 1250 gold).

The party visited the Library in this plane of existence where the Librarian provided information for a price. The party spent 450 gold pieces to learn several things. The teleportation portals leaving this dimension are activated by proximity of a person with a teleportation tattoo. The tattoo that the person has affects the destination. The portal stays active until the last person with a teleportation tattoo near the portal goes through. The party obtained a more precise location of the Temple of Ythog Nthlei (DM will provide a map at a later point in time) where the party can go to stop the coming of the demon in the west by the coast by the Big Water. The party was already aware that the demon has been preparing to perform a once every 100-year ceremony to try to reenter the world.
After visiting the Library, the party decided to attempt to return to their own world by passing through a portal. Ryder passed through the portal with Amazones, Deze went through alone, Brell passed through the portal with Threll, Levee went through alone, and finally Belramos and Ka passed through the portal together.

The party arrived at a room where they had the opportunity to pay 100 gold per character level to the ‘Dealer’ in order to draw from a Deck of Many Things. Ka drew the “Key” card from the large deck; he received a map to a magic weapon that he can use, a ‘sword of wounding’ located in Silver Lake. Dez drew the “Sun” card that awarded her 5000 experience points and an amulet that grants immunity to poison. Finally, Levee drew the “Ruin” card and lost all wealth in her possession to include everything she owned except magic items. The party purchased some new clothes for her in New Dwarf City. The remaining party members declined the option to draw from the deck. The party went through another portal and arrived back to their home world.

The party was teleported into a cave near the Y-intersection between Maethelburg and New Dwarf City where the road splits to the west toward the Lonely Tower. After the party arrived, the portal closed behind them with no trace.

The party ended up splitting up into three groups. Ryder and Dez were in New Dwarf City. Dez was leveling up to 8th level because of the card she drew from the Deck of Many Things. Ryder and Ka spoke with the dwarves to learn about what had happened in the party’s absence and had the dwarven alchemists start making some potions of Water Breathing for the quest to follow Ka’s map. Amazones and Threll reported to the elves in the Great Forest about the party’s adventures in the tower and stayed with the elves for a short while where Druid Berrymoore helped Threll with his craft skill and enhanced Amazones’s staff so that Amazones can cast an additional spell each day. The Druid said that the teleportation stones were part of a relic, but that no one had ever opted to not get the tattoo. Belramos, Brell, and Levee went back to the Lonely Tower to confirm that they can easily reenter the Lonely Tower and use their teleportation tattoos, earning quest completion experience for learning how to use the teleportation magic.



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