Elven Archer


STR 15 +2
DEX 20 +5
CON 11 +0
INT 14 +2
WIS 13 +1
CHA 6 -2

Fighter Level 4
HP 40
AC 18 (Studded Leather +3 AC, +5 DEX)

Fortitude +4/Reflex +5/Will +1

Long Bow 1-8+10+2(+11+3 at point blank, range 100’, piercing, (40), +4 base, +5 DEX, +1 weapon focus, +1 point blank range)
Rapid Shot 2/1 1-8 +8
_+2 (+9+2 at point blank range, c20x2)
Masterwork Bastard Sword 1-10 7 +3 (c19x2, slashing)
Dagger, melee 1-4
+6+2 (c19x2, slashing)
Dagger, thrown: 1-4+9+2 (c19x2, range 10’, piercing (2))

Craft (Bowyer/Fletcher) 11 (7 Ranks, +2 INT,2 Artisan’s Kit)
Search +5 (1 Rank, +2 INT, +2 Racial Bonus)
Swim +9 (7 Ranks, +2 STR)

Weapon Focus-Long Bow (1 to hit)
Point Blank Shot (
1 to hit and 1 damage within 30’)
Rapid Shot (
1 arrow/round at max base attack, all attacks at -2)
Precise Shot (no -4 for shooting into melee with friendly troops)
Weapon Specialization Long Bow (+2 damage)


Threll is Brell’s slightly younger, non-identical twin brother. Threll contracted the POX in his youth which has left him scarred physically and emotionally, which makes it difficult for him to get along with others. As his brother naturally excelled in making friends and in academics, Threll focused his energy on developing his physical abilities.

Threll was able to learn the basics of archery at an early age. He decided that the best way to make his mark on the world is to join the ranks of the Royal Archery Corpse. He devotes virtually all of his time and energy in developing his skills with a bow in order to accomplish that goal.

Brell and Threll joined Amazones, Belramos, Ka, and Ryder in performing simple tasks in the area around Maethelburg. Threll now wields a masterwork bastard sword found in Castle Caldwell as his primary melee weapon. However, Threll still focuses on his archery skills and has begun making a composite long bow (+2 strength rating).


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