Half-orc Barbarian


STR 18+4
DEX 12 +1
CON 15 +2
INT 9 -1
WIS 8 -1
CHA 4 -3

HP 56
AC 17 (Banded +6 AC, +1 DEX)

Fortitued: +6/Reflex: +3/Will: +0

Greataxe: ATK+10, DMG 1-12+6 (c20x3, Slashing, two-handed)
Rage: ATK _+12, DMG 1-12 _+9
Heavy Cross Bow 1/2 1-10+5+0 (c20x3, Range:120’, Piercing (10))
Dagger, melee: 1-4+8+4 (c19x2, slashing)
Dagger, thrown: 1-4+5+4 (c19x2, piercing (1))

Climb 6 (2 Ranks, +4 STR)
Craft (Sewing)
0 (1 Rank, -1 INT)
Jump +11 (7 Ranks, +4 STR)
Survival +1 (2 Ranks, -1WIS)
Swim +6 (2 Ranks, +4 STR)

Weapons Focus Greataxe-+1 to hit.
Barbarian Speed-moves 10’ faster base speed.
Darkvision-can see in black and white up to 60’ in the dark.
Barbarian Rage-2/day for seven melee rounds giving him +4 to STR and CON which gives him an additional +2 to hit and +2 to Damage with melee weapons, +2 on Will saves, +2 hit points per barbarian level, and -2 armor class. He becomes fatigued (-2 STR and -2 DEX) at the end of his rage until the end of that encounter. Additional hit points treated different than temporary hit points in that they can be healed and are lost at the end of his rage which could cause him to fall below zero.
Uncanny Dodge-Ka is never caught flatfooted, unless immobilized, and not flanked unless by a rogue four levels higher than Ka.
Trap Sense-gains a +1 to saves and AC vs traps.


Ka is a child of the turmoil and strife that occurred between the orc and human communities in the area. He grew up among among the savage orcs where he learned basic barbarian fighting and survival skills. He also discovered life among the orcs was somewhat easier when wearing women’s attire. He prefers colors that accent his human, blue eyes.

Ka began to wonder about the human side of his heritage. Not knowing where to begin, he journeyed to the nearest human settlement where the barkeep took him in, taught him to read and write, and gave him a job serving customers food and drink. Ka is comfortable wearing an apron, and the barkeep appreciates the fact that patrons are much less likely to get too rowdy with a 6’8", 244-pound half-orc barking at them when they start to get too noisy.

Ka sees his situation as temporary, even though he has been there for several years. Adventuring could be his opportunity to make some extra money (Ka does not make much in tips), have some fun, and maybe find out a little bit about his human half.

Ka joined Amazones, Belramos, Brell, Ryder, and Threll in performing simple tasks in the Maethelburg area such as hunting wolves, exterminating rats and stirges, hunting bear, and fighting ogres. Ka recently acquired a masterwork greataxe which he used in striking a critical killing blow in the battle against two ogres to the north of Maethelburg. Ka likes his new axe.


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