Spearaxe dwarven fighter from the northern mountains


STR: 14
DEX: 14
CON: 18
INT: 12
WIS: 12
CHA: 6

HP: 14
AC: 15
Fortitude Save: +6
Reflex save: +2
Will: +1

Dwarven Spearaxe: Att: 4 Dmg: 1d82 Crit: 20×3 Slash
Dwarven Spearaxe: Att: 4 Dmg: 1d62 Crit: 20×3 Pierce
Shortbow: Att: 4 Dmg: 1d6 Crit: 20×3 Range: 50 Piercing Arrows: 20
Dagger: Att: +3 Dmg: 1d4 Crit: 19-20×2 Slash
Dagger: Att: +4 Dmg: 1d4
2 Crit: 19-20×2 Range: 10 Pierce

Weapon Focus: Dwarven Spearaxe +1
Power Attack: Att: -1 Dmg: +2

Ryder is Dwarven fighter who grew up in the mountains of the Northern Reach. She wears her beard long and knotted, as is the clan tradition. Ryder is strong and is agile, but her greatest characteristic is her constitution. As a fighter she favors the Dwarven Spearaxe and a good fight.

The combination of too much “ugly” gene (i.e. her 6 CHA), her beard, her fighter skills and innate toughness / endurance makes her often mistaken for a male. Most of the time she does not correct the mistake, as she prefers the respect she gets when she is measured by her skill, instead of her breast size.

Ryder knows that some day, she will return home and work the mines again with her family, until then she is seeking adventure and whatever riches will come her way. Before departing the mines, her clan received a message from the King. The message directs her to keep her eyes and ears open on her travels for information regarding the lost expedition to the great desert mountains to the West. She should send message back or locate them and return with the tale herself.


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