DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

3 - Castle Crashers II - Oh rats!!

Now rested, our party of adventurers prepare to renew the search of the castle.

Exiting the “kitchen” building using the west door, they turned south to investigate the (South-West) tower. Listening, Ryder {20} heard nothing, and the party enters and search the floor finding only an empty weapons locker. The second floor yielded another empty weapon locker and three rooms (one with a bastard sword).

On the top floor, there was nothing of use / interest (rotted) except that Ryder observed some giant bats exiting a building far to the East.

Find nothing the party leaves the tower, opened a door on the West wall finding an empty, broken down, two bed, room. Assuming the line of doors would yield little, the party enters the large (30 × 90) building.

The building turns out to be a warehouse / storage area. Some keen ears heard squeaks and we assume there may be rats (or bats). The (human) monk stayed to hide by the door (for protection), while the party searches the building.

The party discovers open stalls on the left and right and slowly moves down the hall checking each stall to be empty. About the center of the hall, the smells increase and a mass of rats attacks!

Three rats jump out, attacking the fighters in the front. Three more rats crawled out and join the fray. Furious combat ensues, axes swing, arrows and bolts fly, teeth gnash (sometimes on party members) and spells are cast [including Threll’s {19}→{20}→{15} critical-critical hit]. The rats are defeated and the party searches the rat den and find [through some awesome rolls] a suit of “black” plate armor of dwarven size.

The party cleared the building, recovered arrows and bolts and returned to the “kitchen” room. The party healed up wounds, secured the doors, set the watch and bedded down to rest until the morning. Belramos, the cleric, casts Detect Magic, specifically focusing on the sword and the plate armor items found today. [item discussion to pick up next game, sword, magic? yes = Threll, and having Ryder start using the suit of magic? black dwarven plate armor]

[Stay tuned for our next exciting adventure.]

2- Castle Crashing the Party

The party of adventurers (Brell, Threll, Amazones, Ka, Ryder and Belramos) accepts the missive from the Baron to clear the abandoned castle for him, so he can reclaim and furnish his. Gathering their gear the party travels to the castle.

Upon approach, the castle stands alone, deserted and nearly finished. The main gate is open, the closer the party gets, it becomes clear that the gates were busted open and part of the wall crushed. There are indications of recent activity, probably within the last week, origins unclear.

The party began the search of the area as a group, selecting a two story building to the left of the main gate. Listening closely noises were heard inside, muffled and “clicky”. Ka and Ryder step first into the room and are draw the attention and attacks from a large group of spiders.

Melee ensues and Ryder is bitten repeatedly, seemingly immune to the spider poison (though finally poisoned after a fourth bite). Bolts, arrows and Ka’s great ax kill off the spiders. Brell’s failed Ray of Frost ended up bearing some fruit, as the search of the spider’s nest (where the Ray of Frost landed instead of the intended target) uncovered a pack from an adventurer with a potion and standard provisions.

Belramos patched (healed) up the party’s wounds and the party cleared the room, disposing of smelly bodies and giant spider (ewww) corpses to make the room inhabitable. Provisions are prepared, and the entire party rests [to recover spells and a point of strength back to Ryder].

[Here ends the adventure until our next exciting tale.]

1 - Wolf Hunt
Andurel campaign

Six adventurers (Brell, Threll, Amazones, Ka, Ryder and Belramos) respond to a request from local merchants to bring in some wolf or bear pelts. At the bar, Ka heard about wolf attacks and Brell talked with local farmers and learned several wolves have been pressing the farms and have been less afraid of the farmers.

The party tracked the wolves into the woods and found a couple wolves absorbed in their kill. A short battle ensues and the two wolves were dispatched, but not before a wolf call was made. As the party began skinning the wolves, the rest of the party on watch observed two new sets of eyes across the clearing. They backed into the woods and disappeared, but moments later, rustling was heard as two more wolves attacked and with them a dire-wolf (pack leader?) spotted by the hidden monk.

A brutal battle ensued, but the party prevailed, leaving the dire wolf and now a third wolf dead and the last wolf wounded and running and getting away.

The party collected the wolf pelts and returned to town. A trade pact was made, pleasing the merchants and earning the party over 30 gold (from the pelts) and a 25% discount for all future armor item purchases.

The party decided to mend wounds, get some food and rest while they plan their next adventure.


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