DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

11 - Probing caves kills ogres saves orc

The party decides to take action to determine the size of the wizards army. The party rents horses and hires Devlin to watch the horses while the party takes actions at the caves. The party leaves instructions for him to cut the horses free and ride home if he is approached.

The party lets Dez and Amazones search ahead, scoping out the cave area. The party continues to wait and prepare for a possible engagement with a patrol. Dez and Amazones move quietly and hiding to their observation point. The cave complex looks mostly deserted. They see the creek and bridge better now, crossing NE to SW between the two center caves, they continue to wait.

A short time later, a pair of ogres come out of cave four (the wizard cave) and come down the road and cross the bridge and head towards Dez and Amazones. Amazones chooses to move (hiding and silently) and one ogre sees something (her) and follows and stops when he loses her in the grass (Dez is not moving). The ogre then loses interest and then leaves. Dez and Amazones wait a while longer, then leave.

On the way back to the party, they hide while another spider/orc patrol passes talking about finding more ogres (to kill?).

As they get back to the party, clashing of swords is heard and the party makes haste towards the sounds, stopping briefly, they manage to hear the battle and charge on, catching up to a battle between a pair of ogres and the spider/orc patrol.

As the party arrives, the ogres, trapped in spider webs, fell a spider and orc rider. The remaining orcs and spiders flee before the party reaches the clearing. The party then charges up as the ogres free themselves and start to leave. The party engages, and take down the two ogres. Belramos saves the orc (with a 1 point heal and 1st level heal) and Threll patches up the ogre to keep him alive.

Once the orc, Mal Blahg, recovers he is recognized by Ka and reports he is part of a band of spider riding orcs that are harassing / killing the wizard’s ogres. Mal Blahg escorts the party to the spider-rider camp. The chief of the spider-riders, Glorb, receives the report from Mal Blahg and accepts the party for their deeds. After a brief discussion, the party agrees both groups desire the same outcome. The party turns over the ogre to the spider-riders and make plans to make a raid on the wizard caves.



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