DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

19 - Them Plants Were Hungry

aka Feed Me Seymour

The party continued to explore the Caves of Chaos.

Threll decided to feed the owlbear. Threll thinks it is cruel to slaughter a caged animal, but he also believes that it would be irresponsible to turn it loose where it might attack the residents of Maethelburg or New Dwarf City.

The party entered the upper left cave. There was no evidence of frequent traffic. The tunnel led to a large room with a pool in the center. Amazones was the first to go forward and she was promptly attacked and immobilized (failed strength check) by a Shambling Mound. Dez went forward and helped cut Amazones free with her dagger. Ryder and Ka advanced and started chopping with there axes. Brell burned the Mound (Lesser Orb of Fire crit for 27 points of damage). Threll noticed that Belramos’s lack of participation and spotted that the cleric was being pulled off the ground by an Assassin Vine. The Vine inflicted almost enough damage to incapacitate the cleric before Brell’s burning hands facilitated an escape. The party sustained significant damage (Amazones 18, Belramos almost 24, Ryder 8, Brell 20 of his 21 hit points) before triumphing over the carnivorous plants.

There were no more combat encounters during the rest of this scenario. There were four rooms in this area. The main room where the fight took had a large pool of water in the center that appeared to have a natural spring feeding it from the bottom that was too deep to see the bottom of. This pool drained into a smaller room to the northeast with nothing special to report other than there was a pool in the middle of the room. The third room that was to the north and then east appeared to have more moss than the others. The fourth room was found by going north and then down a long winding tunnel west. This room was more densely vegetated, but a thorough, deliberate search revealed nothing (we may have to figure out another way to search the room).

The party returned to New Dwarf City to recuperate and report to the authorities there.

[Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure…]



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