DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

38 - Hack and Slash

Belramos kept the Bless running for each fight, but ended up not having to turn either of the monsters because the party was able to take the creatures down so quickly. Amazones tried out her new Sorceress spells (Mage Armor and Shield) as well as her 0-level Detect Poison spell. She identified the stinking organic smelling moss as poisonous.

Dez has not been able to use her Sneak Attack ability against the undead, so she has been stabbing with Long Tooth and slinging. Dez did fumble and hit Ryder in the back of the head with a sling bullet doing 2 points of damage during the first fight. Both Ka and Ryder nearly fumbled as well during this excursion.

Ryder earned the right to be called HACK! for this adventure because she scored a critical hit that allowed her to do 69 points of damage (the most damage from a full melee attack so far). She did take damage from a rock that the zombie threw. She did not get a chance to avenge the attack.

Brell enchanted ammunition for two separate battles that helped Threll, and later Dez, do more damage. Threll hit with three arrows in one round to do 26 points of damage against a Giant Skeleton due Brell’s Spells.

The party received a warnings from four spirits that Brell freed by casting Shatter on four stone pillars that the spirits had been trapped in. Pillar 1 a female voice said, “You set us free, watch out for her.” Pillar 2 a male voice, “Listen to the demon to the north.” Pillar 3 a female voice said, “Thank you for setting us free.” Pillar 4 a female voice said, “Be cautious of the demon to the north.”

The party found a small statue of a demon to the north and its incorporeal form gave a long-winded warning, "Ythog Nthlie will destroy all undead … trapped a queen down here. Do not release her before it is time or (Ythog Nthlie) will get revenge.
Brell and Threll were debating about whether or not the party should try to free Laxtana. She apparently (based on the note) summoned bats and undead to her service, which is a strong indicator the she is evil. On the other hand, anything that Ythog Nthlie does not approve of is likely not to be all bad.

Brell was particularly deadly during the last fight against the Zombie Minotaur the party faced, because the monster failed its reflex save twice. Ka warranted being called SLASH! for this adventure because he scored a non-critical hit (but he did use power attack) of 30 points of damage, which defeated the Zombie Minotaur. The party decided to rest because the casters were getting low on spells.

The party has explored much of the area beyond the main door. The goal has been to clear out all of the minions that may assist Laxtana, should the party decide to try to open her prison.

[Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure….]



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