DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

43 - Crystal Ball Gone Wild

And an Umber Hulk

The party explored the northwest tower. They descended and found a series of halls and rooms similar to the first tower.

The party found a crystal sphere floating in the center of a room. It had four words “IXAM”, “ALRASTIL”, “PENTUKO”, and “MYRG” written on it. Reading the words summoned a Dire Ape, a Giant Frost Frog, a Minotaur, and an Owlbear. These monsters immediately attacked the party. The Frost Frog did the most damage as it emitted a blast of cold in an area around its body that did minor damage to about half of the party. After vanquishing those monsters from the crystal sphere, the party proceeded.

The party came to a rectangular room with tunnels on the north end and a large chest with thousands of coins in it. As Dez started searching (and gathering) the coins, the ground rumbled. Dez and Ka started to head back toward the hallway that the party had arrived from. Amazones watched the tunnels to make sure nothing was coming from that direction. An Umber Hulk started to approach from the south. The Umber Hulk’s gaze caused Ryder go become confused and she swung at Belramos, but fortunately she missed. Threll resisted the gaze attack and yelled a warning to the party “Don’t look at its eyes!” Ka took this advice to heart and closed his eyes and started to swing in the monster’s direction. Ka did not hit the Umber Hulk even once. Brell quickly used Sleet Storm. While Sleet Storm did a little damage to the monster, it blocked the monster’s gaze attack and limited the monster’s movement. Levee used Magic Missile and Threll shot arrows into it. Amazones saw the monster was getting close to the edge of the Sleet Storm, so she advanced and used her staff to push the monster and keep it from exiting the area of the Sleet Strom (She rolled a modified 18, but the Umber Hulk must have slipped on the ice because it rolled a 4 which gave it a modified 12). The party managed to kill the Umber Hulk with arrows and spells before it could make it out of the Sleet Storm.
The key was located in the chest among the thousands of coins.



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