DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

8 - "Bearly" surprised by Ogres

The party leaves the dwarven caves with a (merchant) delivery and the warning of the growing Wizard threat message for Maethelburg. On the trail back, the party has a chance meeting with Tomlin (and Blacky) a seemingly “off his rocker” hermit character. Tomlin shared information about the attack on the dwarven caravan, a wizard in the mountains and the orcs and spiders (and leaders). Tomlin travels with the party and departs before we get close to town.

In town, the Brell (speaking for the party) relays the message of the caravan raid, the Wizard in the mountains and the possible raid (from the growing Wizard army) on Maethelburg. The town is very concerned and asks if the party is willing to go “take them out”. The party abstains for now.

The party chooses to search for bear pelts after restocking supplies and making the delivery to the merchants (+50 gp).

The party moves north of town and stop and talk to a few of the farmers in the outskirts. They talk of increased activity and scared to let the kids play in the woods.

The party moves into the woods and picks up the trail of a bear. A huge brown bear was sleeping in the woods when the party found it. Ka rouses the bear and brings it back to the party and is quickly dispatched.

As the party is skinning the bear and collecting some bear meat, the party hears some noise (stomping) in the woods. Two large creatures emerge from the woods and challenge Ka (the rest of the party was hidden, [Ka failed]). Ka fumbles with an excuse, but Ryder saves the day, letting hatred of ogres [these are ogres] take over and lead the charge.

Arrows bolts and daggers fly, and the lead ogre 28 25 crits Ryder with his great club, dealing terrible, damage [25 points total], but Ryder survives and holds fast. Axes, rapiers, arrows and spells fly again, felling one ogre, and Ryder manages to still stand fast against the lead giant.

Then Ka, already filled with berserker rage, manages to land a tremendous blow with his Greataxe [crit, 29] 18 [for 36 points of damage] from behind. The blow would have made Conan proud, splitting the ogre wide, sending blood and viscera squirting and stunned look on ogres face as its body collapsed.

Fearing they had pressed their luck enough, the party packs up and heads back to town to report in on the updated information (they have ogres) and turn in the bear pelt.

[Stay tuned for our next exciting adventure…]



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