DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

9 - Double "bear"rel trouble

The party arrives back in town and reports on the ogre sighting. The mayor requests the party continue to search for, identify, investigation and report in on the growing evil wizard in the caves threat.

The party also visits the merchants and manages to sell the bear pelt and meat for ten Maethelburg pieces of currency (gold pieces). The party restocks their supplies and then head out into the northern plains and into the woods.

The party moves out and decides to go back to the location of the ogre attack. The party locates the clearing and finds the ogre corpses. The corpses had been untouched, so the party left them and departed to the NorthWest then north.

Once to the foothills, the party finds tracks and follows to a huge bear cave. The party decides to entice the bear out, using Ka, who executes a perfect taunt to draw out not one, but two huge bears!

A horrific battle ensues. The lead bear (the bigger one) becomes the focus of the party’s attacks. Daggers, bolts and arrows fly, scoring hit after hit and the bears still charged.

Ryder met the charge with the spearaxe, but the bear swiped it away. Both bears proceeded to maul Ka, who raged and was healed, but still fell to the blows (but was saved by the next heal).

More daggers, spells and arrows fly, finally killing the first bear. Ryder lands a critical strike with her axe, drawing the attention of the bear and the bear claws at the dwarf, but is unable to make it through the armor. Meanwhile, Ka is healed and recovers his footing.

Another round of arrows, daggers, spells, axes and claws. Ryder takes a blow, but still holds her ground, and the party finally manages to bring down the second bear.

The party skins the bear, searched the cave, (find a body and 11 gold), harvests bear meat (and find a gem in the stomach). The party decides it would be best to head back to town.

The party arrives back at town, visits the merchants to deliver the two bear pelts and meat (for another 10 gold pieces) and spend 4 gold pieces replenishing their supplies.

The party decides to spend several days in town to allow Ka to recover, everyone to rest [and to level up].

[Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure, when the party plans to actually find the wizard’s cave complex in the mountains.]



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