DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

39 b - The Party So Far (Part II)

The Party So Far (Part II)

-Amazones has started to learn Sorceress magic and can spontaneously cast several arcane spells in the same manner that Brell does. Her spells are mostly defensive oriented like Detect Poison, Shield, and Mage Armor. She acquired an Asian Wire-Tailed Swallow as her familiar that she calls JB (could also be written as “Jaybee” or “Chae-bee”, but “JB” is simpler). The presence of the Asian Wire-Tailed Swallow is a good omen in Korean culture. Many stories portray the swallows as friendly birds that often warn people about certain dangers. Amazones’s forte lies in fighting defensively. When she casts her defensive spells and fights defensively using her Longstaff, her armor class is 33.

Amazones has an Adamantine Longstaff, silver chopsticks with Continual Flame cast on one of them that she keeps in her hair when needed, a +1 Ring of Protection, and two scrolls of Identify. She feels that she is not yet ready to go back to her homeland. She wants to further develop her skills before she returns.

-Belramos has continued to develop his healing craft and spell casting ability. He has cast many healing spells on everyone in the party, especially Ka, Ryder, Amazones. His Protection from Evil spells made a tremendous difference in the confrontation with Laxtana. Having Threll under her control was pretty bad, but if both Ka and Threll had been under her control, there would likely have been more casualties than just Laxtana. Belramos’s ability to turn undead was most valuable in the encounters leading up to the confrontation with Laxtana.

Being a Cleric, Belramos has the ability to Turn undead. He can attempt to cause undead creatures within range (60’) to flee from Pelor’s energy for brief periods of time (10 rounds). Belramos receives a +2 bonus to this check because of his knowledge of religion. Belramos has the Extra Turning feat which allows him to attempt to Turn undead a total of seven times per day.

Belramos occasionally fires his crossbow as a ranged attack and wields an Adamantine Mace in melee combat. He recently upgraded his armor to Banded (+6 AC) and has an armor class of 18, because he also uses a heavy wooden shield. He has Winter Boots that Resist Cold and allow him to walk unhindered on ice, but neither ability has been tested. He also has a lantern of Continual Flame, several spell scrolls (Invisibility to Undead, Eagle’s Splendor x2, and Bless x2), and a Broach of Magic Missile Shielding. Belramos focuses on finding ways to improve his healing and Turning undead abilities.

-Brell is becoming a powerful Warmage. He can cast almost two dozen spells per day that are routinely enhanced by his Wand of Empowerment. He seems to frequently cast Ray spells, in particular Scorching Ray, but has cast a variety of other useful spells like Magic Missile, Fist of Iron and Shatter to topple the obelisk, Ice Dagger to kill Wombats and bats, Hail of Stone, Fireball, Flame Arrows on ammunition for himself, Amazones, Dez, and Threll, and True Strike just before the first round of combat to have a very good chance of hitting with his Adamantine Heavy Crossbow on his first round of combat.

Brell has a Cloak of Fire Resistance made of Hellhound fur, a Ring of Magic Absorption set to protect him from Magic Missiles which it did very well against Laxtana, an Ioun Stone that improves his intelligence, and several scrolls, including two of Fox’s Cunning. He was the first to comprehend the Neanderthal language. Brell always seeks to improve his spell casting power.

-Dez (Dezerray) is the party’s rogue. She is very skilled in sneaking, searching, opening locks, removing traps, and other rogue things. Her Sneak Attack is quite powerful but has gone unused for quite some time as undead are immune. Dez is good at avoiding being attacked and attacks quite well, especially while wielding Longtooth. She frequently fights on the front line beside Ryder and Ka.

Dez recently learned Two-Weapon fighting and attacks twice per melee round. Her real-life avatar chose the name “Thunderstrike” for Dez’s main weapon, which is a Keen, Thundering, Adamantine Rapier. Dez’s offhand wields Longtooth, a Keen, Halfling-sized, +2 Rapier. We are excited to see how the most recent weapon enhancements will affect combat.

Dez has Thunderstrike, Longtooth, a Bag of Holding, a +1 Ring of Protection, a Continual Light lantern, and a Masterwork set of Thieves’ Picks and Tools. She learned to speak with and liaisoned with the Neanderthals and the Dwarves to construct the Portcullises for the Neanderthals. Dez is the party’s most avid treasure seeker.

-Ka Rages really well. Since heavy armor impedes Ka’s movement, he wears only a Breastplate. Additionally, while Raging, he incurs -2 penalty to his armor class. So, Ka focuses on doing more damage quickly. He can enter a fighting frenzy that increases his strength and toughness for short periods of time (8 rounds) twice a day. In combination with his Power Attack and Leap Attack feats, Ka can deal a lot of damage, especially with his magic Greataxe that he picked up from the hands of a Giant Skeleton. Ka successfully used Power Attack against Laxtana and struck her for 60 points of damage when she subsequently turned to vapor (assumed Gaseous Form?).

Ka has his +1 Keen Greataxe and Gem of Health that improves his constitution by 2. Ka needs all of the hit points he can get because his armor class is so low. He enjoys fighting enemies, Raging in battle, and cute aprons.

-Ryder is the best tank of party. She also holds the record for the most melee damage done in a single round with a massive 69 points of damage while using Power Attack and scoring a critical hit against an enemy in the Lost Dwarf Tunnels. Until Amazones has time to cast her defensive spells and start fighting defensively, Ryder’s armor class is the best in the party.

Ryder wears Magic Black Half-Plate armor that provides a larger bonus to her armor class as she increases in experience. She recently acquired a Magic Heavy Steal Shield that gives her a total of +3 shield bonus to her armor class. Ryder also wears a +2 Ring of Protection that gives her a deflection bonus to her armor class. She gets a +1 dodge bonus from the Dodge feat.

Ryder is almost always at the front of the party fighting enemies with her Spearaxe. The only time Ryder was not directly involved in melee was during the fight against Laxtana. Ryder may become a Dwarven Defender.

-Threll shoots arrows really well. He has remained busy with his Bowyer/Fletcher skills by crafting a +2 Composite Longbow which he now uses and some Masterwork arrows. Presently, he is working on an Elvencraft, Masterwork, Composite Greatbow (parts alone cost 667 gold pieces) that he plans to eventually use as his familiar when he starts learning Wizarding ways.

Threll shoots three arrows in the time it takes many fighters to swing their swords just once. While under Laxtana’s spell, he scored his first critical hit with his bow while shooting Ka in the back. Threll has Lesser Bracers of Archery, a +2 Strength Composite Longbow, an Adamantine Broadblade Shortsword, four +1 arrows, 20 Masterwork arrows, and Masterwork Bowyer/Fletcher Artisan’s tool set. Threll is always looking to improve the elven cause and actively works to increase his archery skills.



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