DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

45 - Sphynx Surprise

There Are Too Many Garden Gnomes Here

The party figured out that the keys would fit together to make a square, just like the pattern on the fancy doors. The party returned to Maethelburg to rest, recover, and prepare to use the keys to open the large fancy doors. Devlin’s Grandpa said that the other adventuring party in the area, the Saints, had a similar design on a piece of skin (possibly meaning a tattoo?). He said that the key was related to teleportation magic. The party decided to refer to themselves to the Knights of Maethelburg when leaving a note for the Saints.

Devlin’s Grandpa cautioned the party that there have been more appearances of demons in the area, since the party faced Laxtana. He said that Demons are immune to lightning and that good aligned weapons injure Demons normally.

Brell used “negotiation techniques” (a roll of a modified 21) to get a better deal on selling the loot from the tower and for purchasing a few scrolls so that Levee could copy a few new spells into her spellbook in addition to her normal new spells for gaining a level. She learned Invisibility, Rope Trick, Shield, Detect Secret Doors, and Protection from Evil.

The party returned to the tower and used the assembled key to open the door. Inside there were chairs. The door magically sealed behind the party as soon as they entered. Except for the chairs the room was completely empty. Most of the party sat down and all were teleported to a huge fog-filled room.

This turned out to be the Air Level of the tower. After a quick listen check, they headed what might be interpreted as west. Two Sphynxes attacked sluggishly (they had very poor initiative rolls) from the north. Amazones moved quickly around to flank and, for the first time ever, successfully used her Stunning Fist ability against the first Sphynx. Dex quickly stabbed the first Sphynx for 19 and 24 points of damage and Rdyer hit it with her axe for 20 points of damage. Brell and Levee unleashed ranged damage spells while Threll fired his bow. The first Sphynx died quickly while Ka went toe-to-toe with the second Sphynx exchanging blows. As Amazones and Dez moved to flank the second Sphynx, Ryder shifted from the first Sphynx to the second Sphynx as well and scored two critical hits doing 30 and 36 points of damage: “Chop, Chop!!”

The party searched around and found the Sphynxes’ layer. They initially left most of the coins so as not to be encumbered, but later came back for them. The party searched around and found some the edge of the room that turned out to probably measure more than 100 feet in diameter. The wall were made of the same material as the doors and the teleportation room that brought them here; a stone-like substance that is as smooth as glass and as hard as steal. The party found a set of stairs leading up.

The party explored around the Earth Level and started following the sound of what sounded like a woman singing. Seeing extremely detailed stoned statues, the party became suspicious that it might be a medusa. Also, Jaybee warned Amazones of danger as she started to approach the cloaked woman. The party coordinated their efforts; Brell cast True Strike. Brell, Threll, and Dez ended resisted the Medusa’s Gaze Attack. Brell and Threll were able to kill the Medusa in the first round before anyone else had a chance to get turned to stone. This was very fortunate, because carrying around a stone statue of Ka and/or Ryder would have been problematic at best. Ryder used Amazones’s steal mirror to cut off the Medusa’s head. The party put the head in a small sack and later sold it for 2,000 gold pieces. The party also found a dagger, a potion, a longsword, and perhaps thousands of coins.



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