DnD 3.5 - Northern Reaches sandbox game

48 - A Giant Surprise

The party gathered at New Dwarf City. They purchased a +1 Ring of Protection for Ka for 1500 gold. They also purchased KaOtem’s Ointment (5 doses) and gave it to Ryder as back-up healing magic, just in case a situation comes up that is too much for Belramos. The party also obtained two Rings of Virtue that Threll and Dez wear as minor secondary back-up healing. Rings of Virtue allow the wearer to cast the 0-level cleric cantrip Virtue. The party traded the bejeweled crown to pay for most of the items and the potions of Water Breathing that they picked up after a trip into the mountains.

The brave adventurers decided to venture into the mountains northeast of New Dwarf City thinking that they might learn something about Zeraptus. It took several days to hike up to higher elevations. They headed more north than east and went all of the way north to the Huge Crevice where Jaybee more so than Amazones noticed two large lumbering humanoid creatures in the distance (possibly Frost Giants?).

The party headed to higher elevations above the snow line. The cold became an issue. Belramos was protected by his Winter Boots (they Resist Cold and allow him to walk across ice uninhibited). Brell too gained some protection from his Hellhound Cloak. Belramos used cast Protection from Elements on Amazones, Dez, Levee, and Threll. Ka and Ryder had the highest Fortitude saving throws and toughed it out without any additional protection. The party will have to invest in some cold-weather clothing before venturing into the mountains for periods more than a day or two.

The party finally found some tracks in the snow (Ka made several survival checks 19, 27, and 23). Dez snuck ahead to scout and returned with the information that there were two Giants, Hill Giants not Frost Giants, apparently on patrol. The two giants mentioned “Naznora” and “the Dark One” and that they were bored with the patrols because nothing ever happened. The party changed that.

The party made a plan to ambush the Giants. Belramos cast Silence to keep the party’s approach discrete while Levee snuck around to approach from the east. Brell kicked things off with a Fireball doing 53 points of damage to the first Giant and 26 points of damage to the second Giant. Levee used Ghost Sound to provide a distraction. The distraction worked too well. The first Giant was confused and fled heading, apparently toward the Ghost Sound. Brell hit the fleeing Giant with a second Fireball and Levee used Scorching Ray to fell the fleeing Giant. Dez disappeared with a modified Hide Check of 30-something. Ryder Charged the second Giant as the second Giant ran at full speed toward the party. Ka ran forward and missed. Amazones ran forward to get into a flanking position without attacking. Dez moved around behind the Giant ready to Sneak attack when Ryder hit the Giant twice for 23 points of damage. Then Threll shot the Giant with three arrows for 35 points of damage. And Brell burned it with Scorching Ray for 35 points of damage, killing the second Giant.

Feeling that the party had a window of opportunity to surprise another Giant patrol, they set up another ambush and waited. This time Brell was 200’ away from the ambush spot with the party hidden off to the side, about 40 feet away. Brell started the ambush with a Fireball. Levee used Grease on the first Giant. It failed its balance check and fell. Ka eagerly Raged and performed a charging Leap Attack (taking a 7 point penalty to his attack in order to do an additional 21 points of damage), but he missed. Belramos used Prayer which helps allies in a 40-foot radius as well as inhibits enemies (all allies get +1 to attack, damage, saves, and skill check rolls; all enemies get -1 to same rolls). The party quickly defeated the second Giant patrol. They decided to return to New Dwarf City, report to the dwarves what they found, and get ready for an underwater excursion.

Threll left a note for the Saints explaining who the Knights of Maethelburg are. Threll suggested that the Saints and the Knights of Maethelburg join forces in overcoming some the threats in the area around Maethelburg.

[Stay tuned for the next exciting adventure…]



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